Sometimes, while working on one project, an interesting variation or perhaps an entirely new and different idea will come to mind. I try to captures these bursts of inspiration with "digital sketches," partial CAD renderings I can come back to and flesh out the details at a later time. I have collected some of my favorites here. Maybe one of them will inspire an idea in you, as well.—Christopher



Original Oval Halo

Featuring offset band.

Ref: CAD001


Bezel with Halo

Customize to your taste.

Ref: CAD002


Vintage Statement

Bring your diamonds.

Ref: CAD003


Bezel with Halo 2

Add engraving!

Ref: CAD004


Pink and Purple Bezel

What is your favorite?

Ref: CAD005


Elegant and Stunning

Rose, White or Yellow.

Ref: CAD006

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