Christopher at Villa San Michele on Capri


On Finding Inspiration

“Traveling and exploring the great cities of the world has a profound influence on my design style. Experiencing the art, architecture and culture of these unique places continues to shape and influence how I express myself artistically.”


On Designing with Clients

“When I am designing for a client, I focus on conveying his or her unique design style. However, the way in which this is expressed is inevitably influenced by my experiences…I love this collaboration! It has produced some of my finest work.”





Views from design trips to Florence, Venice, Positano, and Siena

More on Travel

“Finding inspiration is rarely a problem for me. It's in everything. The cathedrals of Tuscany, the canals in Venice, the Côte d'Azur, the fountains of's easy to be overwhelmed by all the shapes and forms and the ideas they create. My struggle comes when I must choose what to put in and what to leave out of a design. As I have grown, I have learned what's not there can often say more than what is.

I went to Europe with the idea that changing my surroundings would change my approach to jewelry design. I discovered it was the changes those journeys made in me that made the difference. Originally, I traveled to be inspired as a designer. Today, I travel to be inspired as a person.”


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