Slip into a shady park on a summer’s afternoon and let the cooling comfort of her presence soothe you. Stroll the city by night and be dazzled as she sparkles like a gem. Let yourself be enchanted by her dance, delighted by her sound, captivated by every liquid movement.—Christopher


The Inspiration

Dramatic, arching streams, feathery sprays, or a soft dribble from a lion's mouth...each Paris fountain is unique in its own way. Our latest creation, la Fontaine, draws upon those many ornate fountains as its inspiration.

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The Details

A milgrain-decorated bezel and shank typify this design, but you may opt for additional diamonds along the shoulders of your piece. Or choose a bold color center for a contemporary look.



The collection's details and hand-engraved accents are based on patterns drawn from the fountains and gardens of central Paris. Multiple bezel options allow for different diamond shapes.


In most cases, your la Fontaine will be made to order. This affords you great opportuinties to customize the look of your ring. For example, you might be interested in using a family diamond as your center stone, or opt for 18-karat gold or platinum in lieu of 14-karat gold, which is reflected in the prices below. This versatility makes exact pricing difficult without discussing your particular needs, but here are a few starting points for the two la Fontaine variations.

shepherdstown store

la Fontaine

Mounting only (your center) from $ 2990

With .50-carat center: from $5280

With .75-carat center: from $6300

With 1.00-carat center: from $9980

Larger diamond sizes & shapes available

winchester store

la Fontaine

Mounting only (your center) from $ 3450

With .50-carat center: from $5480

With .75-carat center: from $6800

With 1.00-carat center: from $10,500

Larger diamond sizes & shapes available

Above pricing is for 14-karat white, yellow, or rose gold. Alternative metal selections, your choice of diamond, or other variations will affect the final price of your unique creation.


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original bridal design

la Fontaine

Item No: (9596)

Price: $4480

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